In a competitive marketplace, understanding your difference is critical. With new products and services being introduced almost daily, it is important to make sure that any branding work is relevant.

It may seem like a challenge, but our process serves as a roadmap designed to keep your brand on the straight and narrow. There may be detours along the way, but we always reach our destination.
It all begins with research – the first step that helps us understand you, your target audiences, competitors and market, where you are, where you are headed, your motivations, goal’s and niche.

Next, we analyse and clarify the key insights from research to uncover the brand’s essence. This unifying idea reflecting a solid shared understanding of the brand leads to a positioning strategy. While the big idea is simple, transportable, and forms an emotional connection; the positioning is what differentiates the brand in the mind of the consumer.

This is the first stage of the strategy. Agreeing on the desired endpoint and criteria of the process forms the second half of the strategy. Together, the brand strategy serves as a guideline for the creative team going forward.

Design, the third step is where the genesis of the new brand truly begins. It is here that strategy is given a personality. From a distinct new identity to a resonating visual language – this is the graphic essence of the brand.

Lastly, it’s time to implement the brand and present it to the world by creating and managing touch-points. This step unifies all the products, services and channels of communications by ensuring consistency in everything associated with the brand. From the name to the packaging, the behaviours of sales staff to the tone and style of your marketing materials – each and every detail of the proposition should reflect a robust, compelling and consistent idea.

Successful branding may appear to be quite a journey but remember, climbing a mountain always starts with the first step.