Meet the intelligent automation experts

think automation

evolvant build intelligent software robots to automate the most time-consuming, repetitive and mundane tasks within your organisation. We created the brand to encompass that idea with the additional adage of high tech and contemporary styling.


Evolvant is an honest and frank mentor‭, ‬with a deep-seated knowledge and extensive experience in the digital automation industry‭.‬

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The identity positions Evolvant as a friendly‭, ‬reliable‭, ‬and trusted tech brand‭.

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While the classic no-fuss typeface instantly places Evolvant within the IT industry and gives it a timeless quality‭, ‬the soft rounded curves of the typeface showcase the brand’s approachable nature‭.‬

The connecting‭ ‬‘v’‭ ‬and‭ ‬‘a’‭ ‬subtly hint at connectivity and highlight the brand’s seamless integrated services that bring together the digital and human workforce‭. ‬The‭ ‬‘cursor’‭ ‬at the end skillfully connotes the coding and programming aspect of the brand and adds a dash of colour to the identity‭.‬