Joe Malsom

Personal Fitness forthe people left behind

Creating a private fitness studio for people seeking a personal approach

Even before the pandemic we were focused on helping clients who may have lapsed in their fitness journey, faced injury or were anxious about going into a mass-market gym. We understood that particularly older and often female clients wanted a private space in which to talk through their goals and concerns, try out fitness equipment and build a program personal to them.

Joe Malsom entered a saturated market of personal fitness but with the difference of helping people that were were gym shy, didn't have the time or just didn't fit age demographic of most hipster gyms.

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We created a set of social media templates that used both the supergraphics and line illustrations that would appeal to different audiences.

Joe's website talks to his customers in a friendly engaging tone. Really understanding the pain points of getting fit. Not only that, putting them in the mindset that a little bit of work will make maximum life changing lasting effects.

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