Emotional advocates for your brand

In today’s fiercely competitive marketplace, standing out from the crowd is absolutely essential. With new products and services being introduced at an astonishing pace, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your branding is not only relevant but also compelling.

The competition is everywhere

At our agency, we understand the challenge that this presents. That’s why we’ve developed a comprehensive branding process that serves as a roadmap to keep your brand on track. We may encounter detours along the way, but with our expertise and guidance, we’ll always reach our destination: a unique, powerful, and impactful brand that resonates with your target audience and sets you apart from the competition.

Experience the Brand Husl effect

Our expertise lies in creating brands that effectively represent themselves across all touchpoints in the marketplace. With a combination of digital and print media, local knowledge, and unparalleled sector experience, we ensure that your brand delivers its message successfully.


The first step in the branding process is to discover the essence of the brand. This involves conducting research to understand the target audience, competitors, and market. The insights gleaned from this research help to uncover the brand’s unique identity and form the basis for the branding strategy.


The second step is to develop the branding strategy. This involves using the insights gathered during the discovery phase to create a unifying idea that reflects a shared understanding of the brand. The big idea is then translated into a positioning strategy that differentiates the brand in the minds of consumers. Clear criteria for success are also established in this phase.


The third step is where the branding strategy is given a visual identity. This involves creating a unique and distinct visual language that captures the essence of the brand. Every detail, from the colours and typography to the imagery and overall look and feel, is carefully considered to ensure that the brand is represented in a compelling and consistent way.


The fourth step is to deploy the brand by creating and managing touch-points. This involves unifying all the products, services, and channels of communication to ensure consistency in everything associated with the brand. From the name to the packaging, the behaviours of sales staff to the tone and style of marketing materials, every detail is designed to reflect the brand’s identity and positioning strategy.


The final step is to deliver the brand to the world. This is achieved by creating a strong and enduring connection with the intended audience through consistent messaging and a unified visual identity. By delivering a robust and compelling brand proposition, the brand is able to make a powerful and lasting impact on the world.

See the full process in action with this example.