How we can help your business

All of our branding work has been created with our simple four-step process. This gives you the piece of mind that nothing gets left behind when creating your new brand


We offer a comprehensive content workshop designed to establish a solid foundation for understanding your business. By engaging key decision-makers, we aim to uncover the essence of your operations and the reasons behind your presence in the marketplace. By gaining clarity on why prospects should choose your offerings over others, we will help ensure that they genuinely understand the benefits of selecting your brand, ultimately motivating them to make that choice.


In the initial phase, our team will conduct a thorough analysis of competitors’ content and marketing strategies, providing a detailed report. We can also interview customers and stakeholders for valuable insights. Based on this research, we will create a comprehensive brand positioning document, including tailored brand statements, a potential tagline, and key elements like vision, mission, values, and a captivating brand story, ensuring a cohesive and impactful brand identity.


During the exploration and visualisation phase, we utilise the insights gathered in the discovery phase to create two or three creative options for the brand’s look and feel. These options are showcased across key applications, allowing the client to experience how the brand will be implemented. The chosen route is refined and presented as the final brand direction, accompanied by illustrated applications demonstrating the brand in action. We present three creative concepts for client review, incorporating logo, colours, typography, and overall brand aesthetic.


Once the design phase is complete, we will provide you with comprehensive design guidelines. These guidelines will include all the visual assets that have been designed and created, ensuring they are ready for immediate use. The brand guidelines will serve as your go-to deployment document, providing clear instructions on consistently implementing the visual elements across various applications.

See an example of the full process in action here.