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Houbara Communications is an independent marketing communications agency rooted in the UAE. The agency, founded by Loretta Ahmed in September 2019, provides a range of communications and content marketing services to its clients across multiple sectors.

Deeply committed to the Middle East, the brand needed to resonate in the region, and caring for a more sustainable way of doing business was essential – from how they minimise their environmental footprint to the causes they champion.

Over 40 years ago, the founder of the UAE, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, noted the decline of Houbara numbers in the wild. A committed environmentalist, Sheikh Zayed initiated Abu Dhabi’s Houbara conservation programme in the 1970’s based on a vision to sustain wildlife through the preservation of heritage and underpinned by principles that promote sustainability and maintain ecological balance. This ethos had similarities that they stood for, and the icon of the brand was hatched.

The identity has been crafted so that it has positive personality traits of being friendly and approachable but still includes a sense of strength and sophistication. All of the letters reflect the beak of houbara bird which has the same contours as the symbol making a more comprehensive link between the wordmark and the icon. The colour palette that has been created represent the three main avenues of focus; business, leisure and consumer. Each colourway has its own image duotone using a modern colour grouping that is a little more edgy and contemporary, coupled with a set of bespoke textures, that makes a set of assets covering all aspects of the business.

ClientHoubara CommunicationsServices360 Rebrand and Positioning, Packaging, Web design, Web Development, E Commerce, Signage, PhotographyYear2019-2020LinkHoubaracomms.com

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