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Houbara is an independent agency with a new name and a new journey.They are Grayling’s UAE affiliate but now we have our own plans, our own culture and a lineup of marketing services that continues to evolve at the speed it always has. Since our CEO bought the UAE business out of Grayling’s global network in September 2019, we have been as busy as ever and we’ve also been secretly making plans for our new brand.

“We have evolved into a content marketing PR agency with digital and social strengths putting us at the forefront of such agencies in this fast-moving part of the world”.

— Loretta Ahmed, Founder and CEO of Houbara Communications

Most organisations have a need to develop strategic marketing campaigns in order to expand their global reach and influence in the marketplace. At printcipality we offer the necessary guidance and support associated with a campaign, from the initial planning stages through to the completion of a project.

Print and marketing collateral these days can take many different forms. Companies are increasingly wanting to develop innovative ways in which they can communicate with their target audience. Unfortunately this in itself can propose many issues, as organisations will often need to source multiple suppliers in order to complete a campaign. Printers for example want to print as this is their main area of expertise, although may decline the opportunity to manufacture a fabric bag. Box manufacturers will make boxes although may shy away from producing a printed brochure. Leather manufacturers may want to focus on supplying materials to the furniture trade, and not a dust cover for an investor brochure or menu cover.


“We have been working with Brand Husl for as long as I can remember. They understand print and production which makes for a smooth production process. They are our right arm when it comes to design and recommend them without missing a heartbeat."

— Jonathan Dixon, Founder and CEO of Printcipality

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