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In a competitive marketplace, understanding your difference is critical. With new products and services coming online it is important to make sure that any branding work is relevant.

It is essential that the branding is successful across the breadth of your offer – unifying your products and making them feel like a family. Ensuring consistency in everything you say and do. From the name to the packaging, to the behaviours of sales staff, to the tone and style of your marketing materials – each and every detail of the proposition should reflect a robust, compelling and consistent idea.

Brand Husl has a tried and tested way of working – with a simple process that can adapt to your project.

Research and internal insights help to understand the audiences across these product markets, understanding what the brand needs to do to appeal to each group. The research process will unearth the ’common denominators’ across these groups to inform a platform that works for all, while recognizing the elements most relevant to each, to inform communication and messaging.

A process for any brand - whatever stage you're at. 

Our simple steps make it easy for companies to lessen the challenge of creating a new band

Step one

Learning and sharing are key in this phase, no stone should be left unturned. The more transparent the client is at this stage, the easier and truer the other phases. We get under the skin of the brand, where they exist in the universe and what the gravitational pulls are from different sources. It’s a start of the relationship between us and the client, it’s the point where we start to fall in love.

Step two

Once the strategy is finalised, it will give immediate signposts for the design process to happen more effectively. Without these signposts, the brand will only have a short span of life. However with the right direction, the brand will be able to flex over time and still maintain a core set of rules to abide by. The design stage is where the brand is born and takes on a personality. Everything that has been talked about and quantified is now realised.

Step Three

The design phase will be presented in person so that direct feedback can be taken into account. The design team will have taken thousands of decisions to get to the presentation point. At this point, it is important to give time to reflect any changes and give testing time before it goes to market. Once the identity and look and feel are in place, the development of the guidelines can take place in Step 4. This is where other touchpoints can be developed and bring the brand to life.

Step Four

When all the touchpoints are created, the launch of the brand can take place. Nine times out of ten, the brand is already in use as collateral deadlines and marketing objectives usually take precedence. It’s important to develop a stakeholder communication programme so that everyone is aware of the new brand and how to use it. Close guardianship of the brand will need to take place as once the new brand is launched, it needs to be controlled, nurtured, and built upon. The management of the brand is as important as the design since brands are consistently growing and need to flex over new technologies and applications.

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